Aquaculture: Should we build the world’s first octopus farm despite scientists’ outrage?

  • By Claire Marshall
  • BBC Correspondent for Environment and Rural Affairs

photo credit, Getty Images

The news that the world’s first commercial octopus farm is about to become a reality has been met with dismay by scientists and conservationists. They claim that such intelligent and “sentient” creatures – believed to be capable of feeling pain and emotions – should never be bred for food.

To read also on BBC Africa:

Playing with a giant Pacific octopus is part of Stacey Tonkin’s work. When she lifts the lid of the aquarium to feed the creature known as a DJ – short for Davy Jones – she often comes out of her cave to see him and sticks her arms through the glass. Well, if she’s in a good mood. Octopuses live about four years. At one year old, she is therefore at a teenage age.

“She definitely looks like what you’d expect from a teenager: some days she’s very moody and sleeps all day.

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