Animal welfare: an issue for the presidential election

The 30 Million Friends Foundation has been used for five years to measure the pulse of the French population in relation to animal welfare. Opened on February 3, 2022, the annual barometer “The French and animal welfare”, piloted by Ifop, “clearly indicates that animal welfare is an important issue in the presidential election, alongside ecology, safety and purchasing power“. Thus, 69% of respondents consider this issue to be one of the issues in the 2022 presidential election.

Towards the end of selling pets in pet stores?

This is the first and only time it will say whether it is maintained: 51% (+8 points in one year) of French people believe that animals are well protected by legislation and policies (42%). It is true that several measures have recently emerged, such as the appointment of an “animal welfare” referent on farms or the adoption of an emblematic text on animal abuse. “The choice of politicians and lawmakers to take on animal welfare is paying off“, analyzes the foundation ensuring that “the French want to go further“.

Indeed, this new survey once again underlines specific expectations on the part of the population. Is the end of the sale of puppies and kittens in pet stores scheduled for 2024? Insufficient. “Three quarters of respondents (75%) call for a total ban on the sale of all pets in pet stores (+14 pts since 2021) and 77% through classified ads (+13 pts)“, notes the foundation. Compulsory sterilization of pets to combat abandonment is also desired by 59% of them.

Race: French remain largely against

Debates about hunting and bullfighting are always explosive. Adherents of these practices face rejection from a large part of the population. Thus, 71% of respondents believe that it is not justified to make animals suffer under the pretext of “tradition”. 77% of them are in favor of banning bullfighting and the same number reject hunting with dogs.

In addition to this specific practice, 76% of French people are in favor of banning hunting on Sundays and during school holidays. “Remember that hunting is authorized 7 days a week in our country“, highlights the 30 Million Friends Foundation, which adds that “55% of our fellow citizens may even be dissuaded from voting for a candidate who advocates hunting“. Thus, 49% of the intentional ones of Emmanuel Macron would see the defense of hunting as an impediment to vote in favor of the current president of the Republic when he is close to hunters. The president of the National Federation of Hunters Willy Schraen even believes that “Macron has done things for hunting that no president has done before.”

Expectations regarding creation

It was March 2021: 11 cargo ships leaving Romania and carrying 130,000 live sheep were immobilized by the blockade of Egypt’s Suez Canal. The public then realized the titanic proportions taken by cattle transport. Closer to home, in Europe, cattle can also be transported alive for several hours. “A source of stress, injuries and abuse that has not been resolved by MPs who have just voted on a disappointing and unambitious text“, regrets the foundation. More than 8 out of 10 French people want an end to this practice, preferring the transport of meat after slaughter.

The numerous shock videos from the L214 association are also echoed in this survey. 83% of French people want farmed animals to be slaughtered at their place of creation and not in slaughterhouses, in order to avoid mistreatment. And 82% believe that the slaughter of conscious animals without prior stunning is unacceptable. Finally, “85% of respondents are in favor of banning intensive farming“, a result that has risen 4 points since 2020. According to the 30 Million Friends Foundation, in France, about 80% of animals undergo this type of breeding.

A true rejection of the fur trade

The rejection of animal skins in France is now widely accepted. This is also the case internationally among professionals: the last two brands of the Kering luxury group to use animal skins, Saint Laurent and Brioni, will give up their fall 2022 collections, the group announced on September 24, 2021, when it was already out of date. the case of Gucci, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta and Alexander McQueen.

In France, the law of November 30, 2021 aimed at combating animal abuse allowed for the closing of the last mink farms. And the French questioned reinforce the argument: 89% of them reject the fur trade. A number that rises to 95% among those aged 50-64. Finally, “when it is demonstrated that alternative methods can be used, 9 out of 10 French people (90%) are in favor of a total ban on animal experimentation“.

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