an “unprecedented” denunciation against the president in Peru

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If my blood runs through the streets for the good of the people, I must said Pedro Castillo on Tuesday. The Peruvian president is the subject of a constitutional complaint for corruption. This is the first time against an incumbent president, notes public eye. ” An unprecedented event in our republican history “, adds the trade. this claim adds to five investigations (…) for alleged crimes of corruption, criminal organization » and even a « alleged plagiarism of his master’s thesis “. This constitutional claim reports the existence of an alleged criminal organization, entrenched in the government “, writing the tradeaiming ” lead public procurement processes to enjoy it. For the Peruvian newspaper, the scheme denounced by the prosecution resembles the operation of a mafia.

The complaint, therefore, reaches the table of Parliament, which must examine it. It would take at least 66 votes out of 130 to suspend the president. ” This is a turning point for the country “, judges the editorialist of the La Republica. Peru is hampered by an increasingly visible saga of wrongdoing within the president’s inner circle, including his family circle “. Pedro Castillo, he says he is persecuted again. But he has not made any statement to the media, notes the tradeand ” the national press was refused access to the Palace “.” It’s today that the president’s answers are most needed, but that’s when he’s more discreet “.

United States: What is the position of Republicans on abortion?

News from the mainland is also the approach of the midterm elections on 8 November. ” Highest inflation rate in four decades and rising gas prices weigh on Democrats », emphasizesNew York Post,but the reversal of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court in June added an unpredictable issue to the race “. Abortion is definitely a campaign issue today, if we are to believe this research by the Kaiser Family Foundation, the results of which are published by the hill.

Half of American voters said the decision motivates them to vote this year “, according to the progressive media. This is ” a driving factor for voters, especially for female Democrats ages 18 to 49 “. Wider, ” about two-thirds of Democrats and half of independents cited the Supreme Court decision (…), as did a third of Republicans when asked what drives them to vote.

The Republican Party doesn’t know which foot to dance with. Across the country, watch the New York TimesRepublican candidates hesitate in their positioning “, try ” to avoid an issue that has been a basic tenet of American conservatism “.” With less than a month to go before the midterm elections, (…) the party does not have a unified policy and has been unable to adopt a coherent response. “, concludes the American daily.

Suffering Pigs and the Price of Bacon

Soon, the Supreme Court will have to make a decision with serious consequences for the art world. The nine judges will have to decide whether artist Andy Warhol could use a photo of the singer Prince without paying royalties to the author of the photo. Hearings begin on Wednesday. On Tuesday, a completely different subject was on the STF’s menu. She began studying a California law that ” could fundamentally change the way pork is produced ” in all countries. This is the Vox. The text, passed in 2018, bans the sale in California of meat from pigs raised in confined spaces.

Problem : ” Californians buy about 13% of all pork.” of the country and “The overwhelming majority of this beef is produced outside of California. “. So this law has impact on swine farmers in the other 49 states “. They took legal action. They argue that the California law will increase their production costs and affect the price of ham and bacon. This text equates to ” impose your political views across the country ? “, asks Vox. Is this law a brake on trade? Judges are divided, notes the online media, even within the Republican majority.

Los Angeles City Council Scandal

Finally, the White House calls for the resignation of three Los Angeles elected officials, following the revelation of one of their conversations, in a recording published by Los Angeles Times. These three elected Latin American Democrats discussed, in October 2021, how to redesign the constituency of Los Angeles – the second largest city in the country – to weaken the weight of the black community. The conversation is rife with racist remarks, in particular about the black son of a white city council member. The city council president compares him to ” a little monkey “.

The first Latino elected to this position, Nury Martinez withdrew from the presidency, but had not yet resigned on Wednesday morning. She must leave, as the other two elected officials involved, thunders the Los Angeles Times in your editorial today. ” The irreverent racism and contempt (…) found in this recording reveal a serious problem that cannot be hidden by excuses.”. Per usa todayThat is ” the latest episode in a long-standing racial divide between Latino and black communities “.” No city, with Los Angeles’ racial and ethnic diversity and a history of interracial conflict, can tolerate leaders who hold racist and hateful views. “, adds the Los Angeles Times.


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