An amateur photographer captures a rare scene: a herd of 11 deer

A rare shot! Amateur photographer Pierre-Charles Dugarreau managed to immortalize in the same image 11 deer roaming the Côte-d’Or National Forest Park, in the middle of summer 2021. This happy coincidence was an opportunity for to question the artist about his attraction to this animal. majestic.

11 deer… in the same photo! Amateur photographer Charles Dugarreau experienced an unusual moment during a trip to the National Forest Park, near Châtillon-sur-Seine, on the Côte-d’Or (24/07/2021).

“Every deer is different”

This Physical Education teacher is fascinated, from an early age, by this majestic animal. ” At the time, I was walking with my family in this immense national forest which was then populated by an incredible density of deer.recalls Pierre-Charles. It was common to see dozens of them in the fields… It’s something that stands out! »

A majestic silhouette hovers among the tall grasses of the National Forest Park (21). ©P.-C. Dugareau

Today, the Châtillonnais still takes great pleasure in immortalizing ” this symbol of our forests, by far the most impressive “. If you like the challenge linked to the difficulty of photographing the animal in good conditions, P.-C. Dugarreau also hopes to find deer… already “known”! ” Each deer is different, recognizable thanks to its antlers, which – even if they fall off each year and grow back differently – retain specific characteristics of each individual.says the photographer. When luck is at the meeting point, you happen to come across a deer that we’ve known for a year or more! »

magical encounters

Deer are recognizable by their antlers that keep specific characteristics of each individual! ©P.-C. Dugareau

On the day of the “shooting of the 11 deer”, the a priori conditions were not met to observe – much less to immortalize – the king of the forest: “ As so often, the morning had been fruitless; deer are less numerous than before and more discreet outside the slab period. So when I saw them from afar, the surprise was total! “. Pierre-Charles immediately froze to pick up his lens and press the shutter… A moment out of time!

In 2020, during the slab of the deer, the photographer immortalized a scene he had coveted for several years: two giant deer in the middle of the routine… but not just anyone! Because this nature lover had already had the opportunity to meet them and hoped to photograph at least one of the two. ” Having the two of them together in the same picture was beyond anything I dared hope for; it’s amazingPierre-Charles is moved. The quality of the photo is not ideal, but anyway, the magic of the moment makes you forget about all imperfections! »

Two well-known photographer’s deer during the routine! ©P.-C. Dugareau

protecting natural environments

Prohibiting the hunting of declining species – especially birds – and preserving the diversity of habitats are, for the photographer, the two priorities to be implemented urgently: “ Protecting a particular species consumes a lot of energy and, by definition, only benefits that species (which is good enough); but the preservation of natural environments benefits all the species that live there “. P.-C. Dugarreau himself would like to contribute to this goal by privatizing a forest to protect the animals it shelters.

Meanwhile, the Châtillonnais hopes, at least through its photographs, to show the general public the interest and beauty of all animals, even the most “common” that each of us can find, daily, in cities, as in the countryside. . “There are many flaws in wildlife photography; is part of the game, but an empty-handed exit is not necessarily a failed exit! We learn about the habits of animals to adapt next time; we breathe the outside air; we have a moment of silence. In short, it’s always positive! “. So why not take the time to also observe the uniqueness and sensitivity of the animals around us?!

Preserving natural habitats is essential to protecting wildlife. ©P.-C. Dugareau


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