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In 2021 – more than a year after the start of the COVID-19 outbreak – PETA Asia researchers visited live animal markets in China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Laos and Sri Lanka. Customers can buy live and dead animals at these markets.

New images from PETA Asia show chickens, bats, monkeys, civet cats and other animals, dead or alive, for sale for food or for use in traditional medicine, entertainment or other forms. Carcasses are displayed on blood-stained counters, and both live animals and raw meat are handled without gloves. These markets are cesspools of dirt.

The world has changed, but not the live animal markets

The conditions were nearly identical to those documented in PETA Asia’s two previous surveys of these markets. Sick and anxious animals of uncertain origin were crammed into stressful environments. Chickens, friendly animals that enjoy social contact, didn’t even have room to spread their wings, and larger animals like a monkey and caracal cat, species that move around a lot in the wild, barely had room to turn around. Some cages had feces embedded in the bottom, and stacking them made it easier for disease to spread. Squirrels, civets, bats, birds and dead rats were sold in open-air markets with no apparent hygiene protocols.

An investigator was told that customers could buy the meat of bats and monkeys for supposedly medicinal purposes.

The risks are real

Most scientists are convinced that the coronavirus originated in a live animal market in China, where animals of a wide variety of species are sold alongside dead animals and their products.

Although the World Health Organization (WHO) is investigating live rabbits, bats, civets and ferrets as carriers of the virus that causes COVID-19, all are still proposed for sale. Deadly outbreaks of mad cow disease, avian flu, swine flu, SARS, HIV and more have been caused by the capture of wild animals or raising them for food.

The horrors must stop

Just as we don’t want to be infected by the coronavirus or die from COVID-19, other animals don’t want to suffer or be killed for food. Most of us don’t like being confined to our homes, but billions of animals exploited for food spend their entire lives in cramped, cramped and dirty spaces, unable to turn around or stand and in pain. they live among their own waste. The only way out is to slit their throats and dismember their bodies, often while they are still conscious.

All live animal markets must disappear, including those operating here in France. PETA is asking the WHO to take the most fundamental step and close these markets. PETA Asia has written to health authorities across Asia demanding the closure of these disgusting live animal markets.

Join the more than 200,000 people who have already joined PETA and its affiliates in calling on the WHO to demand the closure of live animal markets worldwide.

Do your part now to help prevent the next global pandemic by eliminating meat, eggs and dairy. The only truly sustainable and ethical lifestyle is vegan.

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