a hunting ground in Sept-Saulx sparks controversy

25 kilometers from Reims, in Sept-Saulx on the Marne, an area offers enthusiasts the opportunity to hunt deer, fallow deer, wild boar or even mouflons indoors. A legal practice, but one that arouses strong indignation in some.

“Come and hunt wild boar, deer, fallow deer and sheep in an exceptional area dedicated exclusively to hunting”. On their website, Domaine des vignes clearly advertises things.

The site, located 25 kilometers from Reims on the Marne, in the town of Sept-Saulx, is a hunting grounds of over 300 hectares. Offers to lovers of “Spend a friendly and emotional time” during the days charged 600 euros, according to the rates listed on the Facebook page of the place.

The domain proudly presented until the last hours on Facebook the photos of the lucky hunters and their trophies. But since mid-afternoon on Saturday, November 6, the Domaine des vignes page on social media has been unavailable. A few hours later, the site was also disconnected.

It must be said that the opponents of this type of practice have multiplied the reactions of indignation since the message posted on Twitter by one of our journalists, Friday, November 5th. He was able to film from the road that borders the property. You can see several animals walking in circles behind the property fence.

Along with our newsroom, one of the site managers – who tells us he took over the property four years ago – denies logging and says there are too many restrictions.

The mayor of Sept-Saulx indicates, in turn, that the “domain is purely private” and that “the municipality does not take advantage of this”. She also adds that she does not endorse these practices. A sentiment shared by the mayor of Reims, contested by some on social media. Arnaud Robinet says on twitter “in person” do not support this type of hunting.

He is accompanied by elected officials, in particular environmentalists, such as the National Secretary for Ecology of Europe Les Verts Julien Bayou. who points “a business to the detriment of the living”. Journalist and animal rights activist Hugo Clément always denounces on twitter one “aberration” and calls for a ban on these enclosures.

The law authorizes this type of hunting ground. And the Domaine des vignes on the Marne is far from unique. There are many similar properties elsewhere in France, for example in Sologne in the Centre-Val de Loire region. 5,000 kilometers of fencing delimit the different plots there, according to our colleagues at France 3 Centre-Val de Loire. Places that have provoked outrage before.

In addition to the reactions of some phrases on social networks in recent hours, several associations have long been attached to this subject. The Association for the Protection of Wild Animals has collected more than 50,000 signatures to ban hunting in enclosures.

Several parliamentarians would also like to change the law on the matter. A bill by the deputies of France Insoumise was introduced last May. She aims at“ban on wild animals for hunting purposes”. This proposal has not yet been considered.

The deputy of Caro François Cormier-Bouligeon, a member of the LREM group, also indicated at the end of October that he wanted to introduce a bill to ban this practice. Its text has not yet been formally submitted to the National Assembly.

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