A hunting crew eliminates “the Octopus”, an iconic deer of the Oise

While the killing of several iconic large deer – including L’Equerre and l’Araignée – sparked anger in October 2021, the AVA association reveals that a hunting team has just killed “La Pieuvre”, that of the deans of Laigue Forest, in oise. According to the Fondation 30 Millions d’Amis/Ifop barometer, around 8 out of 10 French people are in favor of banning hunting with dogs.

The massacre continues in the forest… According to information from the AVA association, the rector of the Laigue Forest – aka “the Octopus” – has just been ” killed by hunting “, Sunday, January 2, 2022.” The Rivercourt crew ” finished ” his hunt in the lagoons of Grévières, on the edge of Rethondes “.

“Another terrible news! »

This is a new scandal caused by hunters, just three months after the death of “The Spider”, the Square”, “the Rake” and the “Trapu” in October 2021, animals emblematic for their age, their majesty. acts are legal, shock even the ranks of certain hunters.

That’s a lot in a very short timeplague Stan Broniszewski contacted by 30millionsdamis.fr. “The octopus” was known to wildlife photographers as one of the oldest, if not the oldest, deer in the Laigue forest. This shocks far beyond the associations. »

In a thread on Twitter, AVA describes the last moments of the “octopus”: the deer “ jumps into the water with another deer, but the hunters quickly choose the best trophy and shoot the octopus several times! They then take him to the Château du Plessis Brion to cut him up and throw his remains to the dogs. “.

Information confirmed by the Société de Vénerie: “ not a topicchecks the communication manager. It is true that it was a beautiful deer, but there are many old deer, contrary to what anti-poaching associations claim. We tried to stop all the controversy about hunting with dogs, but it exists and is popular contrary to what we believe. »

The continuation of this practice “has no justification”

A casual justification that bothers animal protection associations and nature lovers. ” It shows above all that they don’t care at allanswers Stan Broniszewski. To them this deer’s head is just a trophy “.

In October 2021, the 30 Million Friends Foundation reported the death of four large deer, including the Quadrado and the Spider, aged about ten years. ” The destruction of big deer is catastrophic because they were the most beautiful breederswas taken on 30millionsdamis.fr the animal photographer Gaetan Martin. And a forest without big deer is no longer the same. These deer were killed just for their trophy. In recent years, some hunters have only shot at large deer, and that’s not counting the poaching of which they are victims… »

As a reminder, the Ministry of the Environment had decided in a circular dated 31 October 2020 that “hunting was recreational hunting with no impact on the necessary regulation of hunting”. ” The maintenance of this practice, therefore, has no other justification than to leave to a privileged few the right to have fun with the lives of majestic animals. concludes AVA bitterly.

77% of French people are in favor of banning hunting, according to the Fondation 30 Millions d’Amis/Ifop* barometer, up 2 points from 2019. Nearly 270,000 people have signed the Foundation’s 30 Million Friends to put an end to it.

* barometer disclaimer 2021


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