A horror kennel discovered in Wavrin: nearly 130 animals seized, five people arrested

A horror kennel was discovered in Wavrin (Nord) on Wednesday, April 20, 2022. An impressive array of gendarmes, but also veterinarians and associations, helped 122 dogs and five cats. (© SPA France)

The authorities ended a real ordealper about 130 petsWednesday, April 20, 2022 at wavrin. A judicial operation, led by gendarmes from different northern brigadesled to the arrest of five people, suspected of Abuse it’s from serious abuse towards the animals.

The major intervention took place within the framework of a preliminary investigation, under the direction of the Public Prosecutor of Lille, Carole Étienne. she aimed like this owners of several companies related to dog breedingespecially the kennel the 2 puppies“, informs the parquet floor of Lille.

Acts of torture and illegal veterinary acts

The prosecutor confirms the presence of the investigation brigade of the gendarmerie of Lille, as well as that of the gendarmes of the companies of Douai and Hazebrouck, in addition to six agents of the Interministerial Investigation Group (GIR). And that’s not all: 20 veterinarians from the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations (DDPP), assisted by the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA), were also on site during the searches. In all, 37 members of animal protection associations participated in the operation, the height of the span rescue what happened that morning.

The five suspects, who were placed in police custody after their arrest, are “suspects in particular of acts of torture (such as hanging resulting in the death of the animal) and illegal veterinary acts (trafficking in microchips, unregulated euthanasia),” the report continues. . indictment.

Jacques-Charles Fombonne, president of SPA France, was there.

“The dogs were skinny, some boxes had no roof, there was no basket, no toys. Some animals had their claws completely worn out, as they were only on cement. The bowls were dry, they are all thrown into the water after our harvest. to be stopped, so they don’t fill their bellies too much before working the hours on the road.”

The route that the president of the SPA talks about is transport to the shelters, most of which are in Brittany. It remains now to wait for the court decision that, if definitively deprives the owners of their animals, will allow the SPA to recover them and make them available for adoption.

“Everyone was extremely nice, extremely kind”, concludes Jacques-Charles Fombonne.

Tax evasion and hidden work

The searches made it possible to rescue 122 dogs, mostly Belgian shepherds (in addition to cocker spaniels and pugs, SPA France tells us), and five cats, all “in a state of evident abandonment”. They were attended by the associations and distributed in different centers, in order to receive the proper care, the prosecutor also specifies.

And the facts do not stop there: cash seizures worth 20 thousand euros were also made, and “the investigations allow us to suspect the practice of tax evasion and laundering of tax fraud through at least 64 bank accounts”. Defendants are finally censured hidden work for concealment of employee and activity. The authorities are currently assessing the financial loss, but “the loss to Urssaf is already estimated at more than 230,000 euros”.

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