A breeder’s displeasure in the face of the ravages of his land by wild boars in Blond

Jean-Louis Michelet, a farmer in Blond, particularly dominates the lexical field around wild boar… They like to eat panouilles (the ears of corn devoid of grain), wallowing in the earth before resting on the cob. A behavior, habits that this farmer knows by heart. And of which he shows us the consequences, much less poetic, in his land.

The wild boars, this breeder installed in Blond since 1990, crosses them, observes them and hates them, helpless in the face of the devastation they cause to his crops.

An unsustainable situation

“In Blond, there is increasing pressure from animals on our land. They break the barbed wire and nothing stops them except a shot. “Rifle shots precisely, Jean-Louis Michelet has been asking for them for months. Although all the actors show good agreement, the agriculture chamber and the hunters’ federation saying that they are working “hand in hand on this issue”, the creator has not yet seen the beginnings of a firearm on his land.

“Every year it’s the same thing. Nobody seems to listen to me. I’ve lost the equivalent of 20 hectares of corn. Some heifers get scared when the pigs pass by and go crazy. I even had to calm one with a hypodermic shotgun. »

It is true that hunting federations compensate farmers. “But I don’t want money?! I want to be able to work, to be able to plant corn to fatten my animals… It’s simple isn’t it?? However, 25% of the area I sow is devastated each year. The survival of my farm depends on it. In 5 or 6 years, the story cost me 100,000 euros?! “, denounces the creator.

“Hunters have nothing to do with the farming world?! »

Philippe Bregeron (Farmer)

Philippe Brégeron, a neighbor, also portrays a situation that has become unsustainable over the years.

“It’s a calamity. We spend our time reporting damage. I won 5,700 euros. But making money is not the goal. Would you like your work, once done, to be systematically undone? Imagine wild boars coming to ravage your lawn. Would you like?? And the creator to denounce the “I don’t care” from the hunters in the sector.

A requested administrative battle

“Hunters have nothing to do with the farming world?! “, proclaims. A statement swept up by Sébastien Hau, president of the Haute-Vienne hunting federation (read below) who claims, with supporting figures, that wild boars do even less damage than they did a decade ago.

The situation doesn’t seem to be improving for Blond. The wild boar hunt ended on March 31. All that remains is to organize an administrative search. This is precisely the request that has just been made to the city hall by the Rural Coordination union, which supports Jean-Louis Michelet in his efforts.

Questions to Sébastien Hau, director of the Haute-Vienne hunting federation

Has this Blond breeder’s situation been brought to you?

“Yes, he is a gentleman that we know and that is regularly impacted. Sorry, but we are trying our best. Wooded areas such as the Blond Hills, the Montes d’Ambazac or even the Compragnac are home to wild boar and nearby farmers may encounter more problems than others. But there are 4,000 farmers in the department and their situation is not the same everywhere. »

So isn’t there, in your opinion, an increase in boar-caused problems across the department?

“Absolutely not. On the contrary. I am not minimizing the impact on agricultural land. The hunting federation has paid 250,000 euros a year for ten years to compensate breeders for damage caused by deer, roe deer and wild boar. But this number is not increasing . In the previous decade, we even sold between 320,000 and 380,000 euros! In comparison, the Landes pay 1.5 million euros. We are at the bottom of the scale…”

But the wild boar population is increasing at the same time…

“With global warming, they are developing all over France. And even all over the world. In 2010, we sampled 3,000 wild boar in Haute-Vienne. In 2020, we were at 6,000. Hunting pressure on this population reduced the number of damages. »

What can we do for this gentleman?

“The hunting season has ended since March 31. But there are always different methods that are up to the administration, from this date, to regulate. Administrative intrusions are an example. There has to be a balance between the interests of hunters who go to farmers’ land to practice their hobby and the interests of farmers. We regulate this population and they hope their lands will not be devastated. Then there are local issues, like at Blond, which we continue to work on. »

Frank Lagier


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