6 surprising and unusual activities to try in Strasbourg

No vacation or big budget this summer to travel? Don’t panic: our region is full of lots of slow life activities to clear your head and your ideas without straying too far from the city and reconnecting with nature. Outings to do with friends, family or alone, barefoot, underground, on rails, on the water or hiking… To explore Alsace and the surroundings of Strasbourg in a new light. Follow us, we’ll take you for a ride.

barefoot trails

With this leisurely slow living activity, we start with the quiet and approachable family: barefoot trails. If we lose the habit in our lives in the city, walking barefoot is said to be good for your health. This reduces headaches and a lot of pain (joint, muscle, abdominal, respiratory…).

Extremely relaxing, the activity is also fun… Especially as the concept has been adopted in many dedicated parks or in certain villages. In Alsace, there are some. Perfect for those who have a little cold feet and don’t dare to take off their shoes while walking to venture out unsupervised.

We (re)discover almost forgotten sensations walking along paths embellished with bark, wood, gravel, sand, underwater or obstacles that test our balance. A good way to reconnect with nature from head to toe.

Where ?
SensoRied (free)
35 Rue Ehnwihr, 67600 Muttersholtz

Lac Blanc barefoot trail
344, Station, Lac Blanc, 68370 Orbey

Sens’Hasel Sensory Trail (free)
53 Rue du Nideck, 67280 Oberhaslach

Tellure’s underground via ferrata

If you are not prone to vertigo or claustrophobia and you’re thirsty for adventures: run to the Tellurium park! At the former Saint-Jean Engelsbourg silver mine, dating from 1549, in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines (in the Val d’Argent), visitors replaced the miners. If we didn’t explore the mine anymore, now we are exploring it!

Among the original activities offered: the first underground via ferrata and two escape rooms (depending on age and level), which we talk about in detail here! In the program: a course that includes labyrinth of galleries, zip-line, aerial rope bridge, 30m rappel descentlit only with the headlight.

The Tellurium complex also houses a panoramic cinema, an optical theater and lots of information to learn more about this exceptional place that has made the region’s reputation with cavers from all over the world. …And did we tell you it was very cold there? With the 10° basement, it’s perfect for escaping the heat wave.

Where ?
Tellurium 1549 silver mine
Place called Tellure, 68160 Sainte Marie aux Mines

The summer toboggan run

After the underground exploration… Here comes another kind ofexciting and seasonal activity. When the snow melts, some resorts in the region turn into a completely different gliding sport… A little pleasure for the Vosges: summer toboggan run!

An activity that combines speed and beautiful scenery, all with no age limit. According to the address, we settle in a toboggan on rails (in Markstein or Lac Blanc), or on giant slides (as in the Col de la Schulcht). A rather fun way to get up close to the mountains in summer.

Where ?
Joint association of the Markstein Grand-Ballon massif
68610 The Markstein

The Schlucht Labellemontagne
68140 Col de la Schlucht

Tricky Track Lac Blanc
Col du Calvaire, 68370 Lac Blanc resort

The Bison Ranch

First small exception to this list: Bison Ranch that takes you (just a little) out of the region. A curiosity that is worth the one-hour detour from Strasbourg, in the Pays de Bitche and at the entrance to the Regional Natural Park of the North Vosges. The Ranch is the crazy project of a couple of enthusiasts who started breeding bison. …Living a western in Lorraine? They did it and let him enjoy it: an original tour to do all summer long.

You can choose to stop there for a beer or a hamburger, in the big shed in the middle of the haystack, or better yet: go on safari to meet these impressive beasts of the Wild West [l’Ouest sauvage]. To complete the adventure, you can still stay overnight in one of the inns, built as wooden barracks. Change of scenery guaranteed.

Where ?
The Bison Ranch
Judenhoff, 57410 Petit-Réderching

Les Gîtes Robin’son

Second stop outside Alsace but not far from Strass and above all one of the newest favourites: Les Gîtes des Robin’son. Located in an idyllic and unusual setting, in Haussonville (between Strasbourg, Metz and Nancy), the estate brings together both donkeys (from which a range of cosmetic products, based on donkey milk) and Exceptional guesthouses built on stilts. A break to imagine yourself for a night, like Robinson on his island.

Bonus: Concerned about ecology, the couple has thought of everything to limit their impact, equipping themselves with dry toilets, providing compostable dishes and short-circuit composite menus. Like what: No need to ruin your carbon footprint to travel.

Where ?
Les Gîtes Robin’son
Domaine de Haussoville, 57830 Foulcrey

© Coraline Lafon / Pokaa

Graufthal cave houses

direction this time the North Vosges, for a completely different type of habitat, in the territory of Hanau-La Petite Pierre, in Graufthal. A small village that owes its fame to very unusual dwellings in our region: troglodyte houses.

Maxime Le Forrestier sang “It’s a blue house, leaning against the hill”… In Graufthal, we are not far from that: nestled at the foot of a cliff of our regional sandstone, with their color, these small huts arouse curiosity. Built in rock – with the exception of their blue facades -, these “Casas das Rochas” were inhabited until 1958. Since then, they can be visited by the curious, at the turn of a walk, to witness its history and that of the inhabitants who then occupied them. We even took a little trip there last summer.

Where ?
rock houses
Main Street 67320 Graufthal

© Coraline Lafon

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