5 things to see at the animal fair in Cagnes-sur-Mer

The parade in front of the stands. Many kids. And parents about to crack and walk away with a furball. This Saturday morning, the 7th edition of Pets and its wellness fair started. The event will be held again this Sunday, at the Cagnes-sur-Mer Hippodrome, from 10 am to 7 pm. Good morning slipped through the halls. We present to you our five favorites.

1 The Maine Coon. “Maine what?” But yes, you know this giant cat, the star of animal shows. “We call it “cat dog” »restores Manuela, a professional breeder since January (Pentacrines cattery in Digne-les-Bains). “I got my kitten two years ago and fell in love with the breed.” Very close to their masters, the Maine Coon does not like to be alone. “He also really enjoys the company of other animals.” while a cat “normal” weighs about three pounds, this breed weighs about ten at adulthood, that is, about four years old. “These animals are very calm, very cuddly. The bond we form with them is stronger than with a stray cat, which will be more independent. Maine Coons are sweet, very affectionate. We receive as much as we give them.” Also count about 1,500 euros for this fur ball.

Photos Frantz Bouton.

2 The American Shepherd. Around Ludovic and Christelle’s booth, there is a crowd. The couple owns a farm in the Gap (Les Jardins de Becky). Yesterday was the parade around your American Shepherds. “It’s like an Australian Shepherd, but small in sizesums up Ludovic. The breed was introduced in France about ten years ago”. A lively and dynamic dog that needs to play and exercise in a garden. “He fits in perfectly with a family and with other animals.”

3 The ferret. Teether, the ferret? “Not if we educate him well”responds Thomas, who manages the Animal Park of Sainte-Victoire (Bouches-du-Rhône). “He’s a carnivore, we can give him cat food, but it’s not recommended.” Very playful, the ferret is increasingly popular with families. “But we are increasingly in the associations”, laments Thomas. The ferret must stay indoors, “if you leave it in a garden, it will run away and not be able to survive on its own”.

4 The Bengal Tabby Cat. “The breed was created in 1963, it is the hybridization between different breeds of cats and the Asian leopard cat”, says Lolita, from the Galadhrim cattery (in the Val, near Brignoles). With its panther-like appearance, this feline is very popular with visitors to the show. “He attracts attention with his beautiful dress. It’s like having a wild beast in the house.” Despite this wild aspect, it is a cat “very sweet and affectionate”but “excited and curious”. “You don’t take a Bengal and leave it in a corner. It will end up doing stupid things.”

5 The chicken. It was already popular a few years ago, but the health crisis and its confinements have amplified the phenomenon. “Almost everyone wants to have a chicken in their garden, we have seen a 30% increase in our salesconfirms Tiffany, from La Teulliera farm, dealer in the Alpes-Maritimes. Chickens are now an integral part of the family. The children name it, feed it… It has a playful side.” It’s green: “They reduce our food waste.” Note that a hen lays eggs from about six months to three years of age. And they’re still cheap: between 10 and 40 euros depending on the breed.

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